Andreas Hedrich

Andreas Hedrich
As the initiator and spokesperson of the Initiative Creative Gaming, Andreas Hedrich has been pleading for the creative use of video games in education and to make digital gaming culture visible  ...

Christiane Schwinge

christiane schwinge
Christiane Schwinge holds a degree in pedagogy and works as a freelance media pedagog in different areas of education. She is founding member and speaker of the free and nonprofit […]

Christina Kutscher

christina Kutscher
Christina Kutscher studied English and German and is soon about to start her Master degree. Besides she is an editor, media pedagogue and writes on her blog She has many favorite  ...

Claudia Meiners

Claudia is one of the co-founders of PLAY and Creative Gaming. She loves the Festival and everything it comes with. She doesn’t play that much, but her favourite games are […]

Karin Liau

Karin Liau
Karin Liau studied “Instrumentalmusik mit dem Hauptfach Horn” at the university for music and theater in Hamburg and is on stage in and around Hamburg with the undoubtedly most beautiful  ...

Matthias Löwe

Matthias Löwe
Matthias Löwe is engaged in workshops, talks and festivals in association with the Initiative Creative Gaming to establish an artistic and creative use of games. As an interaction designer, he is  ...

Tolke Weinhold

Tolke studied and worked in design and since 2010 in art direction. After more than five years of learning in the various categories of advertising she took a sabbatical to […]

Valentina Birke

valentina birke
Valentina Birke works as a freelance media pedagog with the Initiative Creative Gaming and campaigns the creative and critical use of games and sees games as a form of expression. […]

Vera Marie Rodewald

vera marie
Vera Marie Rodewald is a media pedagog in Hamburg. She is also a research assistant for media education at the university of applied science and lecturer at the Leibniz university in  ...