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The Initiative Creative Gaming bestows the international Creative Gaming Awards in three categories as part of the PLAY - Creative Gaming Festival (October 31 - November 6, 2022). Artists and developers can submit games and playful media works that allow players to interact with the game in a creative way.

Indie game developers from around the world have the chance to submit their games and playful media works. Hardware games and installations are very welcome. In addition, all projects in the PLAY22 exhibition can win the Audience Award.

Creativity can mean overturning existing structures, finding new perspectives or simply questioning previous game ideas and finding originality. We do not want to restrict you in any way and we welcome all forms of video games, playful media and performances - whether they are games with a narrative focus; projects that play with the game controls as we know them; video games as media art; or whether you have developed a game that you find entertaining and that you would like others to play as well.



The Most Creative Game award honors games and playful media works from around the world that give players the opportunity to interact creatively within the game. The creative freedom can arise in the interaction with the game, out of the game or in the mind of the player.
For example, works in this category may have multiple story paths, non-linear gameplay, role-play opportunities, unexpected interactions with other gamers, or be open to interpretation. The creativity of the players can also be stimulated by built-in editors or the possibility of enriching the game world with your own creations, designs and your own social rules.

What can be submitted?
Finished projects / prototypes / alpha or beta versions, playful media, performances, alternative controllers

What can you win?
The winners will receive prize money of € 1,000 and the PLAY AWARD trophy. All nominated projects will be showcased in the official PLAY exhibition in our online and onsite festival location - no build up, no travel necessary.


The Most Innovative Newcomer Award honors artists worldwide who have produced a new creative game or playful media work. The winners, be they school-aged teenagers, students, indie developers or artist collectives, prove their creativity with a really innovative debut work. This can be characterized by special gameplay, transmediality, unprecedented or unexpected interaction possibilities in the game, essential graphic innovations, new interfaces, unusual atmospheres, visual breakthroughs or new topics that are dealt with.

What can be submitted?
finished projects / prototypes / alpha or beta versions, playful media, performances, alternative controllers

What can you win?
The winners will be supported for one year by a mentorship from the gaming industry and will receive the PLAY AWARD trophy. All nominated projects will be showcased in the official PLAY exhibition in our online and onsite festival location - no build up, no travel necessary.


During the festival, visitors of the festival can choose their favorite from all the works in the exhibition, which will also be honored with the PLAY trophy at the Awards Show.


Receipt for Submission Fee from Eventbrite (0€/20€/40€)
Fully completed registration form at playfestival.de/award-en
Finished products / prototypes / alpha or beta versions
If necessary, installation instructions and an explanation of the controls
A short gameplay video (max. 3 minutes) as well as screenshots and press material

Games and applications for PC & Mac (Steam,itch.io, etc.., installation files)
XboX, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Oculus Quest
Videos of performative works, installation structures and alternative controllers (can also be sent on request)

Juni 10th – July 17th
Deadline extended to July 31!
Find more Information on the Terms & Conditions HERE.


If you are at least 13 years old, did not submit your own work and have an interest in indiegames, interactive media and media art, you can apply to be a PLAYtester. Together, we'll play the fantastic submissions and you'll help with the ratings to decide the nominees.

The testing phase will begin on Juni 26, 2022 and ends on September 4, 2022,
during which time you will be matched to approximately five entries.

You will receive:

- exclusive access to numerous exciting games and media artworks.
- access to our Discord channel for PLAYtesters only.
- the possibility to help with your reviews in the selection of the nominees.
- the chance to use the tested games for Let's Plays or reviews (only with explicit permission of the developers!).


After the submission deadline (July 31, 2022), the team from the PLAY - Creative Gaming Festival and selected PLAYtesters will play and judge all submissions. These ratings will determine the nominees in the Most Creative Game and Most Innovative Newcomer categories and will be officially announced on the website and social media channels on September 30, 2022. A jury of experts finally determines the winners in the award show.

Further information and the terms and conditions can be found on our website, please visit:


The members of the nominated developer teams receive the VIP festival ticket. This guarantees complete access to the digital festival location, in which all aspects of the program, films and the interactive exhibition can be experienced together and socialized. All nominated works are part of the exhibition and can win the Audience Award chosen by the festival attendees.

The awarding ceremony will take place on
November 5th, 2022 onsite and online at the PLAY – Creative Gaming Festival.



BEGIN OF PLAYTEST Juni 26th, 2022


END OF PLAYTEST: September 4th, 2022

ANNOUNCEMENT NOMINEES: September 30th, 2022

AWARDING CEREMONY November 5th, 2022

CONTACT award[at]playfestival.de or at discord





PLAY22 – Creative Gaming Festival is an event produced by the Initiative Creative Gaming e. V. and jaf – Verein für medienpädagogische Praxis Hamburg e. V..

Supported by the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg, BürgerStiftung Hamburg and gamecity:Hamburg

Sponsored by siebold/hamburg messebau GmbH