Nico Nolden


Nico Nolden studied history until 2009 in Hamburg. Before and after that he worked on several academic projects. Since April 2014, he researches digital games as public productions of history in the context of Public History at the University of Hamburg. However, video games have been his greatest passion for a longer period of time and he writes about them since 2009 on his blog ‘Keimling’.

In Public History, he develops the GameLab of the department of history and he has established a games library, which contains almost 400 games for different platforms. With his AG History Matters, he offers a space for students, researchers and developers to discuss historical topics once a month. In association with other researchers, he founded the Work Group Historiography and Digital Games (AKGWDS), which aims to achieve open exchange between historians as well as the gaming industry.

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