Perform Your Monster at Monster Lab


This station is filled with props provided by the FUNDUS TEHATER and offers everything absurd, wild and moster-like. It includes an instruction from their performance game ‘PLAYING UP': Create a weird creature you want to embody. If you have finished the costume, go on the streets, take the bus or go to the supermarket. Watch what happens, when your creature meets other people.

Inspired by Lone Twin’s ‘Beastie’, participants tinker, build and fabricate the monster skin and perform as their mosnter self in public spaces. And we wonder: How is everyday life as a monster? What do you dare to do as a mosnter? And what is the difference between pretending and being?

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  • 15.11.2019 09:00-19:00 Uhr
  • 16.11.2019 09:00-19:00 Uhr

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