Tom Schley


As for many others, the legendary “RPG Maker” has been the start of Tom’s games career. As Silkersoft, he provided soundtracks for dozens, no thousands amateur RPGs. As soon as this became too boring for him, he started producing beats for German rappers such as Casper and Zugezogen Maskulin, besides starting his own solo career. His name, Silkersoft, was still with him as his shining armor, still reflecting the “RPG Maker”.

In 2016, after a fateful meeting with his friend and colleague Dominik Johann, he celebrated his return into the world of video games. Today, he is composer and audio engineer for the Berlin-based studio Crows Crows Crows. Moreover, he is responsible for the music and sounds in games like Fight Knight, Glitchskier and Sniks.

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